D.Bond was initially approached by Sara Sawaf Executive Producer and owner of Aya Animations in Ryad to do oversea the Design, budgeting and production planning of their animated series "Aya and Yusuf".  Following the successful delivery of a detailed creative and production plan Aya Animations commissioned the series to D.Bond with Creative Director Alex Maldonando overseeing the delivery of the series supported by her production team and an international artistic team including Alfonso Rodriguez, a director of the highly successful Pocoyó´s series and a life long D.Bond creative collaborator, Monica Armiño (Netflix´s Puffing Rock), and Angela Aguado with Digitoonz (Ricky and Morty) in India executing the animation.   The series was produced over a two years schedule with final delivery coinciding with the initial period of global pandemic lockdown, and was successfully delivered in time for it's 2020 Ramadan launch in spite of the obvious challenges. It was an incredibly rewarding series to work on creatively and technically given the many challenges of the production.  The D.Bond team are all extremely proud of the final result.