Ender's Game

With my former studio Vectorsoul, I was charged of a whole CG sequence of the movie Ender´s Game from Digital Domain.

The process took almost 2 years since the first meeting before the pitching.


I did Creative Direction, Art Direction mostly at the beginning, breaking down the work of Beksinski our main aesthetic reference and even remembered have edited tons of animatics to determine the initial sequence length.

I did hire a small team to put together a bunch of artists to accomplish this. We also produced it and delivered.


A whole quest indeed i will love to repeat again with this learned knowledge, and with few nicer people on the boat.


The best of this process was the Digital Domain team, that help us out in a generous way. 

That´s why i will always will be in debt with them. They guided a tiny team in Barcelona to achieve something we will never dreamed of achieving.

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