D.Bond Creative are proud to have been major contributors to the reimagining of "Brave New World" the seminal Aldous Huxley sci fi book produced by Spielberg's Amblin TV and Universal Cable Productions for the launch of NBC's new Peacock Streaming service. 


The production lead by Showrunner David Wiener faced numerous creative challenges none more daunting than the visualisation of the journey of a microscopic embryo cell from needle insemination through to it's final resting place in the Fetus chamber populated by over 410 embryo's. The final result designed, concepted and executed by the D.Bond team was considered such a success that it was used as the Title sequence for the series. 


Alex Maldonado from D.Bond was also engaged in early pre-production to help conceive, design, and concept one of the series most creatively challenging oniric CG sequences that appears through the series in flash-forward and is then revealed in the show's finale.  After 5 months of intense creative consultation, Alex supervised the shoot and then handed over the execution of the sequence to ILMs masterful team lead by VFX supervisor Scott Pritchard.

Please request a password if you want to see our work on this series. In the meanwhile here is a trailer and featurette, plus some stills from the actual sequence.